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Goods within Incomlac shop

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Incomlac shop

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In present JSC «Incomlac» has a wide network of trading outlets, with an area of 2864 м², including:

company network in Balti municipality;
company network in districts;
trade center (situated on the territory of the plant from Balti municipality)

This network contains 56 units, where 115 employers work. It includes Northern districts of Moldova (from Telenesti to Briceni, Chisinau municipality and Balti municipality), 28 retail outlets, 6 stalls, 18 pavilions, 2 cafes and 2 warehouses.
Trading outlets favour the growth of sales amount; give the possibility for effective control of quality and trial sales of new product assortment. Branded retail trade contributes to increase in turnover and supports the image of the company by promoting and advertising the products of the enterprise.
The products are delivered to trading outlets as soon as the technological process is finished. This way the products are not exposed to long storage and transportation. The customers can enjoy qualitative products for fairy prices from the manufacturer.

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The facade of trademark store

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Showcase of Incomlac store

Wide range of goods within Incomlac shop