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The most valuable award of our activity is customers' satisfaction. We produce delicious goods of high quality; modernise and improve the production technology; pay attention to all our purchasers' opinions. So, customer care is the priority of JSC «Incomlac».

We are governed by those indisputable principles, which determine the policy of our enterprise, and namely:

Observance of laws and standards compliance;
Preferences of consumers is the most important reference point of our plant;
Aspiration to growth, improvement and flexibility;

Each customer is at the same time our respected partner, whose purchases confirm the success of the enterprise in the field of dairy industry.

Certainly "Incomlac" reached positive results only due to its customers, therefore we urge you to participate in tastings, to express your views and wishes, to get acquainted with news, stocks and favorable offers of the enterprise, which are held solely for the interest and delight of the purchasers.

In order to inform each our customer, we created an official web-page “”. Moreover, everyone can find detailed information about the enterprise through web-site's informative headings (as for example:«the History of the enterprise», «Products», «quality Control»), and also by contacting specialists on every issue.

"Incomlac" always expresses its care and gratitude.


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