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In 1944 began the history of the dairy plant from Balti. A small one-storey house on Kooperativnoi street was supplied with necessary dairy factory equipment.

In 1958 the dairy plant was founded in Balti, on Leningradskoi street (today Stefan cel Mare), with a production capacity of 10 tons of milk per day. The plant produced limited assortment of products: milk, sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese.

In 1963 the production capacity and area were increased due to the growth of raw materials quantity.

In 1970 a production association was created in Balti city on basis of dairy plant from Balti, which included creamery from Edinet, cheese manufacturing plant from Ryscani, the cottage cheese production department, also separation departments from Drochia, Glodeni and Lozova. Raw material storage area consisted of 120 farms. On average, 100-110 thousand tons of milk were received during the year.

In 1973 a plant with a capacity of 300 tons of milk per day was built and brought into operation on Volodarskogo street (today Calea Iesilor). In the same year the staff became the winner of Republican Socialist competition with the award of the Transitional Red Banner of the Ministry of meat and dairy industry of the MSSR.

In 1976 the enterprise was decorated with a State award - «Sign of Honour». From 1976 till 1987 the enterprise was the leader of the Republic's dairy branch. It was awarded with transitional banners on the Republican and National level.

In August 1944 the open joint-stock company «Incomlac» was created as a result of privatization. «Incomlac» is one of the biggest enterprises that produces milk and dairy products in the Republic of Moldova. Now,  JSC «Incomlac» is a member of the concern «JLC Group».


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